Alec Resnick

🎉 It's not about fun, exactly

Ecosystems, not models

🏫 So what to do,
if not a school?

📋 Our plan

  1. Make a really excellent, diverse, public learning community
  2. …which is largely impossible [currently]
  3. …so we learn to work through those constraints
  4. …and end up with sufficient credibility
  5. …to create the people, tools, and materials we need to lower barriers to entry and offer novel starting points

⚒ work, 👥 people,
📆 time, & 🏘 space

⚒ work

  1. Come up with a problem or question you care about
  2. Sketch out a project which engages that question
  3. Rustle up the resources you need to do the project
  4. Manage yourself, your time, and those resources to get it done
  5. Documenting, critiquing, reflecting on, and iterating the work along the way
  6. Before exhibiting and sharing the work out

👥 people

People who would benefit from much smaller, more intimate settings and/or spending most of their time on hands-on projects of their own design

📆 time

🏘 space

Q&A, but also:
How does what you've heard connect to your own experiences?